The ABCs of Care Planning

In February 2013, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a report entitled Skilled Nursing Facilities Often Fail to Meet Care Planning and Discharge Planning Requirements, in which they found that 26% of facilities fail to meet care planning and discharge planning requirements. Is your facility meeting federal guidelines for care planning?

Download the ABC’s of Care Planning presented by Beckie Dow, RN, RAC-MT for an overview of Care Planning in the Skilled Nursing Facility. Beckie discusses the important link between the MDS 3.0, the Care Area Assessments (CAAs) and the Care Plan.

Learn the essential components of a resident-centered care plan and how to develop a care plan that supports the clinical care that is provided to the patient. Beckie also discusses strategies for completing the CAAs more effectively and using the CAA process to create a more resident-specific care plan.

Learn How To:

  • Define the purpose of a Care Plan
  • Define the purpose of the Discharge Care Plan and Summary
  • Identify the correlation between the MDS 3.0 Assessment, the Care Area Assessments (CAAs), accurate RUG-IV Classification, and the Care Plan
  • List three components of a Resident-centered Care Plan

ABCs of Care Planning

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