ADL Analysis Request

There is significant clinical and financial impact with accurate ADL documentation. Accuracy is vital in developing the care plan, identifying change in condition and attaining reimbursement that the facility is entitled for services provided. ADL accuracy is important to support the need for NF level of care or the best discharge destination. A patient that may be under coded in ADLs may not qualify to reside in the NF based on state criteria.

The importance of accurately assessing, recording and care planning for residents' physical functioning and ADL performance is critical to residents’ sense of well-being, autonomy, and self worth.  

ADL accuracy is important in discharge planning and determining the time to discharge skilled therapy programs.  Was discharge timing appropriate?  A patient that declines shortly after the end of a skilled therapy program may have been discharged prematurely and may warrant additional skilled intervention to reach the desired outcome.

To receive a facility-specific ADL analysis, please fill out the form to the right.  Upon receipt of your analysis, you will be able to schedule a fifteen minute follow-up conversation with a Harmony HealthCARE Specialist to discuss the results of your analysis.

For additional help with understanding ADLs and what they means for your facility, please contact Harmony Healthcare International (800) 530-4413.


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