HarmonyHelp is much more than a simple hotline.  Experts share regulatory changes in real time, enabling health care leaders to assimilate those changes and prepare for the future.  Clients with this elite service will have access to an array of tools including resource library with Medicare and Rehabilitation Manuals, live chat, ICD-10 Guide, sample forms, and more!


  • CALL: For immediate answers, pick up the phone and call our toll-free HarmonyHelp Hotline 
  • ASK: Ask a Harmony HealthCARE Specialist via submitting a written question and your response will be emailed to you
  • RESEARCH: Search for regulations, hot topics, frequently asked questions, direct access to CMS and our Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) Medicare Manual and Rehabilitation Manual
  • ENGAGE: The HarmonyHelp Community offers the ability to stay social on line and discuss ideas and questions in an open forum. Or, if you simply have a quick question, Live Chat with one of the Harmony HealthCARE Specialists available
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"Our relationship with Harmony has definitely increased our RUG rates through education and communication. Our current RUG rate has increased 11% and has more than covered any related costs of doing business."

Roger Sliby, VP Finance & CFO
The Jewish Home (Fairfield, CT)

"HHI and their team of dedicated staff are willing to go the extra mile to help with any challenges that we may have, but also respects the decisions of the facility and works collectively to support best practice, quality care, strong outcomes and service to our customers."

Kim Malloy-Salmon, Director of Rehabilitation Services
Salmon Family of Services (Beaumont, MA)