SwallowSTRONG for Swallow Safety

October 11, 2016 • 1:00 p.m. EST - 2:00 p.m. EST


Susie Almon

Susie Almon, MS/CCC-SLP
National Director of Clinical Services

Please join Susie Almon on October 11, 2016 as she presents: SwallowSTRONG for Swallow Safety.

Dysphagia may lead to aspiration pneumonia, a major cause of hospital readmissions, and treatment often involves expensive approaches such as thickened liquids and modified diets. With today’s focus on cost-effective health care spending tied to quality outcomes, it is important to identify innovative dysphagia treatment techniques to improve patients’ rehabilitation potential and quality of life while decreasing length of hospital stays and overall costs. Incorporating SwallowSTRONG into the treatment options for the speech-language pathologist (SLP) is a beneficial approach.

Building on research evidence that tongue (lingual) strengthening improves the ability to swallow and decreases aspiration, the SwallowSTRONG device was developed with the goal of actively rehabilitating lingual muscles important to safe swallowing through strengthening. The SwallowSTRONG system includes a custom-molded mouthpiece with sensors that measure pressure at four locations of the tongue, and the patient pushes against the mouthpiece sensors with the tongue as hard as possible while watching the electronic interface screen for visual biofeedback. Following standardized strengthening protocols based on the principles of exercise physiology, the patient’s maximum lingual pressure is tested at various points during the course of treatment, and new target resistance levels are identified. Software stores data and calculates therapy targets to guide the systematic improvement in maximum lingual pressures.

This webinar will review results of pilot of the SwallowSTRONG device for oropharyngeal strengthening within skilled nursing facilities across multiple states. Practical implementation considerations will also be discussed. With today’s aging population and dwindling healthcare dollar, this treatment approach is very relevant to the healthcare industry’s current needs and the medical SLP’s caseload concerns. This device and training system provided another opportunity for the SLP to provide dysphagia treatment to make a meaningful difference for patients.

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